Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The Office is currently undertaking a review of its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). As part of the review we are undertaking consultation with the public and key stakeholders.  We are currently inviting comment from members of the community. More information about the DAIP and how to have your say are outlined below.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Background:
Public authorities (State Government agencies and Local Governments) in Western Australia have been required to have Disability Service Plans (DSPs) pursuant to the Disability Services Act, 1993 (the Act). DSPs have been in place for over 10 years, and a great deal of progress has been made by State and Local Government towards ensuring that their services, buildings, and information are accessible to people with disabilities. 

The Act was amended in 2004 and now requires public authorities to develop and implement Disability Access and Inclusion Plans. The requirements of DAIPs build on those of DSPs, so that people with disabilities can access services provided by public authorities in Western Australia in a way that facilitates increased independence, opportunities and inclusion within the community.

The purpose of preparing a DAIP is to ensure that people with disabilities can access all information, services, facilities and community events (and more recently employment) provided by the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services.

Purpose of the Review

Every five years the Office must undertake a full review of the DAIP.  The office is currently undertaking a review.  The purpose of this review is to assess how well our strategies, of the six outcome areas, are achieving access and inclusion of people with disability within our office’s functions and workplace. To ascertain how well are strategies are progressing and or how we can improve our strategies it is required that we are consult with key stakeholders and members of the community. 

Opportunity for Feedback 


To view our current DAIP please click here:  Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

This plan will be made available, upon request, in alternative formats including hard copy in standard or large print, electronic, audio format on cassette or compact disc, or by email.

Requests can be made via email to

Or post to:
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