This website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, including:

  • people with disabilities who may use assistive technologies;
  • those with slower internet connections;
  • rural and regional users

The accessibility features available on this site include:

  • instructions for resizing text
  • a list of software plug-ins users may require to view the content
  • instructions for printing a report or publication
  • instructions for printing a web page.

Please note that documents provided on the web site can also be provided in other formats. Please contact us to request alternate document formats.

Disability Access Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

2019-2024 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Our DAIP aims to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same opportunities at our Office by further improving our services and facilities. Seven key outcomes are included in the plan, which we will progressively implement between 2013 and 2018.

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Text Resizing

You can make the text larger or smaller on this site by using the ‘Text Size’ buttons that appear on the upper right area of each page.

Printing a Webpage

All pages on this website can be printed. Select the ‘File’ menu at the top left side of the screen and select ‘Print’.

Printing a Report or Publication

Reports and publications are provided for download and printing as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. We have provided below a link to the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Those reports and publications released from November 2008 onward have been created in Acrobat version 7.0 or higher. These versions of Acrobat provide capabilities that improve access for people who are disabled, including those who rely on screen readers. If you require these capabilities and wish to download or print a publication dated earlier than 2008, please contact the Office on  08 6551 4200 or use the contact form and we will provide you with an alternative format.

Plug-ins Requirements

The following is a list of software that you may need to read the documents and files on this web site:

Adobe PDF Documents

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft Excel Documents

Microsoft Word Documents

Page last updated: 06 Apr 2023

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