A photo of a yard at Bunbury Regional Prison.

Bunbury Regional Prison is located on Kaniyang land in the suburb of College Grove, Western Australia.

Bunbury is a multi-security prison. Its maximum-security unit (Unit 1) accommodates those on remand and/or those rated maximum-security for short periods of time. It has three medium-security units (Units 2, 3 and 6) and two minimum-security units – Unit 5 and the Pre-release Unit (PRU) – which are situated externally, but adjacent to, the main prison.

Bunbury’s focus is on self-sufficiency and a major feature of the prison is a market garden which supplies a large proportion of the fresh vegetables used throughout WA’s prison system. The prison’s industries are productive and include a vegetable preparation industry to process the vegetables harvested from the market garden. It is also one of the busiest prisons in the state in relation to program delivery.

Bunbury Regional Prison opened in 1971 as a centre for up to 80 young offenders. It was re-commissioned as an adult prison, and in 1982, a minimum-security unit was added to the facility. In 2008, a new minimum-security unit opened accommodating 72 prisoners in a communal housing environment.