A photo of an accommodation block at Pardelup Prison Farm.

Pardelup Prison Farm is located on Minang land, in Mount Barker, Western Australia.

Pardelup is a minimum-security prison for adult males, with a focus on preparing prisoners to re-enter the community. As a working farm, Pardelup breeds cattle and sheep, and produces fruit and vegetables for consumption by the prison population in Western Australia. Pardelup also operates a work camp near the town of Walpole.

Pardelup was originally established in 1927 as an outpost of Fremantle Prison. It was downgraded from prison farm to work camp (with reduced prisoner numbers) in 2002. However, it re-opened as a prison farm on 5 March 2010.

Walpole Work Camp opened in 1998 and is the oldest work camp in Western Australia.