Image of silos used for storing grain at Pardelup Prison Farm


Pardelup Prison Farm is a minimum-security facility for male prisoners, with a focus on preparing them to re-enter the community. It is the only prison in Western Australia without a secure perimeter fence, and the only prison in which all prisoners are housed in single cells. The prison compound is located on 2,600 hectares of …

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Image of bales of hay at Pardelup Prison Farm


Pardelup is a highly performing prison that continues to offer positive opportunities for prisoners. There are many benefits for prisoners and the community more generally in having facilities like Pardelup and the Walpole Work Camp operating as part of the corrections environment. The potential to rehabilitate individual prisoners can have lasting implications for them and …

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Image of a tractor used at Pardelup Prison Farm

Key findings

At Pardelup, we found a clear and coherent philosophy that was understood and supported by all staff. The senior management team promoted the motto – ‘Proud to be Pardelup’ – and emphasised the values of ‘Trust, Respect, and Integrity’. These values were apparent in all aspects of the prison’s operations. Pardelup had suffered from instability …

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Image of a Bull in a field at Pardelup Prison Farm


Recommendation 1: Pardelup should be permitted to retain a proportion of its farm and market garden revenues for reinvestment. Recommendation 2: The Department should, where appropriate, consider granting specific exemptions from system-wide policies for facilities like Pardelup. Recommendation 3: Pardelup should develop strategies to broaden work and training opportunities for Aboriginal prisoners.

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