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On 27 August 2017, the Western Australian government announced that Wandoo Reintegration Facility, which was operated privately by Serco as a reintegration facility for young men, would come back into public hands. Wandoo was to become a dedicated drug and alcohol rehabilitation prison for women. The transition occurred on 1 May 2018. A Western Australian …

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This was our first inspection of Wandoo as a dedicated rehabilitation facility and Therapeutic Community (TC). We were impressed with their achievements to date, and the commitment to implementing an effective TC model at Wandoo. Within the safe and drug free environment provided by a secure custodial facility, Cyrenian House clinicians produced the kinds of …

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Image of "one day at a time" quote at the visits centre in Wandoo

Key findings

Therapeutic Community processes were working well at Wandoo  A triage team was in place to fast-track assessments for those wanting to go to Wandoo. Once residents arrived at Wandoo, a holistic care plan was developed and maintained for each resident. Education services were well-provided, despite being restricted to part-time studies only. This was because of …

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The report made 11 recommendations as follows: Recommendation 1 Establish supports at Boronia for graduates of the Wandoo therapeutic community. Recommendation 2 Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of Wandoo staff. Recommendation 3 Assess the effectiveness of an on-site Intelligence Collator that could be shared across facilities with similar need. Recommendation 4 Consider opportunities for …

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