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This report examines the arrangements for transporting arrested children from regional Western Australia to the only secure facility able to detain them, located in Perth. Naturally, it falls to the police to transfer children from the point of arrest to the nearest regional lockup. Traditionally, however, the police have been responsible for far more than this. …

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Photo of I-max transport used for transfers of youth in custody


The trial transfer of responsibility for the transport of young offenders in regional and remote Western Australia from the police to the Department of Corrective Services has been a success. It has resulted in an improved service being provided to young people by staff whose core job and training was to manage young people. Young …

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Photo of briefing a youth in a lockup before a transport

Key Findings

The review examined four months of data during which there were 139 attempted escorts from country and regional areas to Rangeview Remand Centre. Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of these were undertaken by commercial airliner, 15.8 per cent by air charter, 3.6 per cent by Police Airwing and 16.5 per cent by road. There …

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Photo of a youth in remote lockup


Recommendation 1 Youth Custodial Services should retain responsibility for custodial transport of young people between country and regional centres and detention facilities in Perth beyond the expiry of the current trial on 31 October 2011. Recommendation 2 The Department for Corrective Services should review the nature of its support services to children and youth in …

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