2012 Boronia Inspection view towards the childrens' play area


Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women opened in May 2004, introducing a unique and contemporary prison management style and philosophy, based on a women-centred approach. Boronia is the result of a project begun in 2001 to address the limitations of the then existing facilities and services for female prisoners in Western Australia. Its planning and development …

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2012 Boronia view of the Grounds


Boronia set a new standard for female imprisonment in Western Australia. Yet the 2012 inspection found that the prison was not yet meeting its full potential. Boronia continues to offer many good practices and opportunities for its residents. The centre embodies a united sense of purpose, staff/resident relations are generally very positive, and the residents …

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2012 Boronia Inspection views of trees and buildings

Key Findings

• Boronia provides a safe, secure, calm and positive environment for the women who are held there. • There have been no major incidents since commissioning and it has a positive community profile. This is a result of good planning and they are a credit to the foresight and actions of management and staff. • However, despite a …

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2012 Boronia Inspection view of the First Peoples' Garden


Recommendation 1 Ensure that more Aboriginal women have access to Boronia’s re-entry services. Initiatives should include: (i) identifying ways to enhance the centre’s appeal to Aboriginal women incarcerated   elsewhere in the prison estate; and (ii) ensuring that more of the Aboriginal women who are classified minimum-security can progress to placement at Boronia. Recommendation 2 Change …

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