Image of Boab tree inside West Kimberley Prison


This is a report of the Office’s first formal inspection of West Kimberley Regional Prison in Derby. It also examines the use and future of Broome Regional Prison, which was marked for closure at the end of 2015. West Kimberley opened in November 2012 after much planning around the development of a philosophy of meeting …

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Image of Boab trees in Visits area at West Kimberley Regional Prison


During its first two years of operation West Kimberley Regional Prison has achieved most of what it reasonably could reasonably have been expected of it. The Inspection found a solid focus on the needs of the prisoners and a genuine concern for culturally appropriate operational practices and procedures. This was highlighted in a number of …

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Image of a Basket Ball court at West Kimberley Regional Prison - 2015

Key Findings

The Office found many strengths and achievements in the design, the practicing ethos and the overall performance of the West Kimberley Regional Prison but was disappointed in the lack of progress and planning for Broome Regional Prison’s future. West Kimberley Regional Prison: Strengths: A progressive design that supports the ethos of the prison. housing style …

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Image of Prisoners watching sport on the West Kimberley Oval


Incorporate examples of good design and practice found at WKRP at other prisons and in future building programs. Ensure that the total project management arrangements for future prison builds are more robust, collaborative and proactive than was the case at WKRP. Implement appropriate screening and training processes for staff wishing to transfer to WKRP. Implement …

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