Photo of prison cell doors and grassed yard area


Bunbury has faced some major challenges over the past twelve years. It has moved from a small prison with 120 prisoners that faced a real threat of closure to a 300 prisoner facility that is performing well, plays a critical role in the total prison system, and should have a vibrant future. Bunbury’s operations extend …

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Photo of prisoners on a green grassed oval


The inspection found that a good deal has improved at Bunbury since 2011 and it is a well-performing prison. Local management and staff working in all areas are providing a generally safe, therapeutic and productive environment. The prison enjoys positive staff/prisoner relations, and this contributes to both security and safety. There are good services across …

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Photo of a double bunk bed cell with a chair and toilet


The resulting  inspection report made the following 17 recommendations relating to the pre-release unit facility and the main medium security facility at Bunbury Regional Prison: Ensure adequate relief coverage for all staff teams. At all prisons and throughout the Department, implement processes to embed the values and goals of the new Strategic Plan, including its …

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Photo of an outdoor exercise area, with a ping pong table and a large painting of a ship on the wall.

Key Findings

This inspection found that Bunbury was a well-performing prison where competent local management  and staff teams were providing a generally safe, therapeutic, and productive environment. The prison excelled in staff-prisoner relations, and there were good mechanisms ensuring that prisoners were able to have a voice in regards to operations, services, and conditions at Bunbury. The …

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