Image of a prisoners arm through bars in a cell


Regulation 54c of the Prison Regulations 1982 provides the Department of Justice (the Department) with the ability to separate a category of prisoners in order to maintain control and security of the prison. The regulations stipulate that the Department can prepare an instrument to separate prisoners that they determine fit the category and make provisions …

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Image of a prisoner behind bars and a prison guard with handcuffs attached to his belt

Key findings

Ineffective processes are placing protection prisoners at risk The processes used to approve and review placements of prisoners into protection are not effective. Prisoners who could be managed within the mainstream population, or those who no longer require protection, are not being screened out or reviewed for transition back into mainstream. This has led to …

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Image of a silhouette of a prisoner sitting down in a prison cell


The Department takes its commitment to the safety and security of prisoners seeking protection seriously. However, poor assessment and review processes have led to the unsustainable growth of this cohort over the past decade. The Department has recognised this issue and developed new processes in response. As an isolated population, prisoners in protection are in …

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Image of welding workshop at Albany Regional Prison


Recommendation 1 Develop procedures for the use of self-harm alerts on the offender database. Recommendation 2 Expedite the delivery of mental health training for peer support prisoners. If this training cannot be rolled out before the end of 2022, provide peer support prisoners with interim mental health first aid training. Recommendation 3 Increase the range …

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