Image of the outdoor undercover area at Hakea Juvenile Facility


The Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services is required to inspect and report to Parliament on all of Western Australia’s prisons, juvenile detention centres, court custody centres and prescribed lock up facilities at least once every three years. A full cycle of inspections occurs once all facilities have been visited. The Office is currently …

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Blackboard SWOT analysis


One of the most important ways to reduce reoffending is to provide prisoners with an environment which is a close to ‘normal’ as possible. This is balanced against the risk to the community in providing more relaxed security. As expected, prisoners whose environment was closer to normal rated their quality of life higher. Those in …

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Picture of a magnifying glass

Key findings

Prisoner surveys: When prisoners were asked who they would seek help from, respondents indicated they were most likely to seek help and support from other prisoners. If staff members were sought, prison officers or senior officers were the most likely to be approached. The most trusted people to help with a complaint or issue were …

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