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Crime costs Australia approximately $36 billion dollars per year.   Government spending on the criminal justice system accounts for approximately one quarter of these costs, distributed between the police, the courts, and corrective services. National trends show an increasing expenditure on the criminal justice system and Western Australia reflects this. Over the past five years, the …

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This review has found that the Department is missing opportunities in reducing reoffending among those most likely to return to prison. Many factors that increase the likelihood of returning to prison are beyond the Department’s control but some can be addressed by treatment in prison, education, or by support and assistance on release.  It was found that prisoners …

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Key Findings

There was a substantial decline in the recidivism rate for prisoners released after the 2008/09 financial year (Read more). It is very difficult to completely explain this decline. One contributing factor is the increase in early release order (ERO) denials from 2009 (Read more). Risk factors most important in predicting recidivism in Western Australia include: Age; …

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1. Improve opportunities for young men and women at all the state’s prisons to be involved in meaningful activities, skill development opportunities and education. 2. Ensure that the population of Wandoo is increased and that the benefits to the community are evaluated and maximised. In order to achieve this, the Department should: (a) improve the …

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