Broadly speaking the term ‘remand prisoner’ refers to a person who has not yet been sentenced by the court. While there are some exceptions, most remand prisoners have not been convicted of an offence and enjoy the presumption of innocence. People who have been convicted of an offence are classified as ‘sentenced’ prisoners. Remanding a person …

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Western Australia is experiencing large increases in its prisoner population with the growing number of people being held on remand far outstripping the growing number of people who have been sentenced to prison. One in five people in prison are on remand, compared to only one in seven in July 2009. Remandees tend to pose more …

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Key Findings

Adults Currently more than one in five people in Western Australian prisons is on remand. Around ten per cent of prisoners being held on remand at any given time have been granted bail by the courts but are not able to meet the conditions set by the court. The other 90 per cent have not …

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