A photo of the front entrance of Greenough Regional Prison.

Greenough Regional Prison is located on Amangu land, in Geraldton, Western Australia.

The prison holds people of all security classifications, minimum, medium, and maximum (remand only). It houses men and women, sentenced and on remand. A high proportion of the prisoners are Aboriginal.

Greenough Regional Prison opened in 1984 as a minimum-security prison. It was upgraded in 1990 to a medium-security prison. In 1996, a minimum-security area, Unit 6 was added just outside the perimeter fence.

A riot occurred on 24 July 2018 and the prison was badly damaged. Repairs and rebuilding started soon after, and Unit 4 was designated to be a women’s’ precinct.

Cyclone Seroja hit Greenough on 11–12 April 2021.