Image of the women's precinct at Greenough Regional Prison with the new building to the right


Greenough Regional Prison opened in 1984 as a minimum-security prison. It was upgraded in 1990 to a medium-security prison. In 1996, a minimum-security area, Unit 6 was added just outside the perimeter fence. The prison holds people of all security classifications, minimum, medium and maximum (remand only). It houses men and women, sentenced and on …

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Image of gym at Greenough Regional Prison in Unit 6 with makeshift equipment used as weights.

Key findings

Not all of the psychological wounds of the prison community have healed. Even though the Department offered psychological support, many staff and prisoners who were at Greenough in July 2018, told us they still had some level of post-traumatic stress as a result of what they experienced. Foreign national prisoners subject to deportation do not …

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Image of prisoners playing a football match on the oval at Greenough Regional Prison, with no spectators


Since the riot of 2018, the prison community has been on a journey of recovery. There is a cohesive and experienced leadership group with a clear strategic plan. Prison infrastructure has been repaired and strengthened, and the security team expanded. And the renovated, rebuilt Unit 4, a stand – alone women’s’ precinct is now open. …

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Image of corridor at Greenough Regional Prison in Unit 1 with cell doors to the left.


Recommendation 1 Proactively offer meaningful mental health support to staff and prisoners who were present at Greenough during the riot. Recommendation 2 Ensure foreign national prisoners can access the resources and supports required to engage in a fair appeals process. Recommendation 3 Develop a meaningful hierarchical management model that offers a range of quality and …

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