Recommendation 1:

Implement an Aboriginal women’s re-entry strategy.

Recommendation 2:

Increase the use of section 95 of the Prisons Act 1981 to incorporate more meaningful activities for the women in respect of: (i) work; (ii) recreation; (iii) activities between mothers and children; (iv) health services (including mental health); and (v) education.

Recommendation 3:

Provide new, more appropriate clothing to Boronia residents, and prioritise the issue of new clothing to the residents who leave the centre for section 95 activities.

Recommendation 4:

Improve the personal engagement between the relevant manager(s) and the mothers with resident children at Boronia to ensure this group is adequately supported and informed.

Recommendation 5:

Reflecting the profile of Boronia’s residents, develop a more appropriate policy on escorting them to activities outside the centre.

Recommendation 6:

Pilot an integrated and individualised case management system at Boronia Pre-release Centre which is inclusive of all residents, commences on the resident’s orientation to the centre, and engage re-entry providers at the earliest possible juncture.

Recommendation 7:

Commission and publish a methodologically robust independent evaluation of Boronia’s post-release outcomes, including a comparison with other male and female prisons.

Page last updated: November 4, 2015
100: Report of An Announced Inspection of Boronia Pre-Release Centre For Women