Image of irrigation system for market gardens at Pardelup Prison Farm


Founded in 1927, Pardelup Prison Farm suffered a temporary downgrade in 2002 to work camp status. It was reinstated in 2012 as a prison farm for 84 prisoners, and had taken on responsibility for the Walpole Work Camp, with a further capacity of 12. The first full inspection of Pardelup in 2012 had found a …

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Image of single cell accommodation at Pardelup


In 2015 Pardelup Prison Farm was the only prison in Western Australia providing facility wide single cell accommodation, and the only site without a secure perimeter fence. Prisoners were given trust, personal responsibility, and the opportunity for real work. Pardelup had benefited from stable management, tight budget control, sound local strategic planning, and a safe …

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Image of the Noongar outdoor cultural area

Key Findings

Pardelup had continued to develop since the 2012 inspection, with service delivery focused on training, employment, reparation and re-entry. The relaxed, open living environment was well suited to end-of-sentence preparation for reintegration into society. The prison had made improvements to infrastructure, had maintained tight budget control, and had continued the competent operation of traditional prison …

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Image of cattle and sheep in a field at Padelup Farm


Recommendation 1: The Department should undertake a cost-benefit analysis of agricultural production at its prisons, ensuring economic data is available to inform the development of coordinated agricultural industries planning across the estate. Recommendation 2: Pardelup should be permitted to retain a proportion of its farm revenues for reinvestment in that business. Recommendation 3: Pardelup should …

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