Recommendation 1: The Department should undertake a cost-benefit analysis of agricultural production at its prisons, ensuring economic data is available to inform the development of coordinated agricultural industries planning across the estate.

Recommendation 2: Pardelup should be permitted to retain a proportion of its farm revenues for reinvestment in that business.

Recommendation 3: Pardelup should improve productivity of livestock enterprises by implementing feed budgets to optimise pasture utilisation to meet energy requirements for stock, introducing a Lifetime Ewe Management course for staff and prisoners, and implementing a risk management strategy to mitigate poor seasons.

Recommendation 4: The Department should ensure that VSOs are provided comprehensive entry-level training within six months of commencement.

Recommendation 5: The Pardelup visits centre should be fitted with closed circuit television cameras to monitor the interior, exterior and car park.

Recommendation 6: Pardelup should develop strategies and procedures to ensure that on-site staffing levels do not drop below agreed minimum manning levels due to prisoner transfers, especially at night.

Recommendation 7: The Department should simplify its assessment and qualification pathway for placement at work camps, whilst effectively managing its risk.

Recommendation 8: The Department should establish a dedicated position to manage re-entry and employment services, including the Prisoner Employment Program.

Recommendation 9: Pardelup should develop a hierarchal system through construction of self-care accommodation.

Recommendation 10: Pardelup should review its trial of online ordering and delivery of supermarket town spends for potential implementation at other facilities.

Recommendation 11: Consistent with practice at other prison farms, a custodial officer tasked with security should be stationed at the Pardelup health centre when prisoners are present.

Recommendation 12: The Department should finalise the review of prisoner assessment tools, and ensure equality of opportunity for Aboriginal prisoners to progress to minimum-security.

Recommendation 13: The Department should provide support to Pardelup to help it attract and retain Aboriginal prisoners. Measures should include ensuring the regular presence of the Aboriginal Visitors Scheme at Pardelup, and reinstatement of the Prisoner Aboriginal Services Committee, as required by the Department’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

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Page last updated: June 16, 2016
103: Report of an Announced Inspection of Pardelup Prison Farm