Image of an outdoor Basket Ball court at Roebourne Regional Prison


Roebourne Regional Prison is a complex and challenging place to inspect. It is situated in the remote regional Pilbara area with a predominantly traditional Aboriginal prisoner group. It houses men and women, both sentenced and on remand. Prisoners are rated minimum and medium security, but also accommodates short-term maximum security prisoners. Roebourne has always been …

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Image of shower cubicles in rundown bathroom facilities at Roebourne Regional Prison


Local management has made some efforts to improve the infrastructure at Roebourne. But the fact remains that most of the infrastructure at Roebourne Regional Prison remains poor. While work had been done through some painting and re-flooring of cells and restructuring bunk beds, we found that the prison is ageing. Significant expenditure is required to …

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Image of seating and tables in Visits Centre at Roebourne Regional Prison

Key Findings

As far back as 2005 this office commented that Roebourne was not fit for purpose and should be replaced with a new custodial facility by 2015. It was concerning that the Department still appeared to have no firm plans about the prison’s future. The infrastructure is ageing and needs upgrading. The visits centre is not …

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Image of beds, chair and shelves to renovated cell at Roeburne Regional Prison


Recommendation 1: Install air conditioning in all residential cells. Recommendation 2: Develop a Pilbara Custodial Plan in consultation with relevant community organisations and stakeholders with a strong focus on rehabilitative outcomes. As part of this plan, give consideration to service delivery, infrastructure requirements, location and an appropriate facility for women. Recommendation 3: Finalise the operating …

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