Recommendation 1:

Install air conditioning in all residential cells.

Recommendation 2:

Develop a Pilbara Custodial Plan in consultation with relevant community organisations and stakeholders with a strong focus on rehabilitative outcomes. As part of this plan, give consideration to service delivery, infrastructure requirements, location and an appropriate facility for women.

Recommendation 3:

Finalise the operating model for Roebourne Town Work Camp, and increase prisoner numbers in the camp.

Recommendation 4:

Upgrade the visits centre at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 5:

Provide a dedicated air conditioned and well-equipped indoor recreation facility with areas for both active and passive recreational pursuits including art and music workshops.

Recommendation 6:

Revitalise and sustain an effective face-to-face Aboriginal Visitor Scheme at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 7:

The Women’s Support Officer role must be a permanent, full-time position within Roebourne Regional Prison’s staffing profile.

Recommendation 8:

The Department should increase offender treatment program availability to women at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 9:

Ensure all staff at Roebourne Regional Prison are up-to-date with the Working with Female Offenders training.

Recommendation 10:

The position of Assistant Superintendent Offender Services should be created and filled at Roebourne Regional Prison as an advocate for the differing needs of the various prisoner cohorts, particularly female prisoners.

Recommendation 11:

Urgently provide a regular and consistent general practitioner doctor service at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 12:

The Department of Corrective Services should negotiate with the Department of Health to ensure the adequate provision of dental services at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 13:

The Department should commit to an appropriate staffing model and service provision of health services for Roebourne Regional Prison and urgently progress its implementation.

Recommendation 14:

The health centre at Roebourne Regional Prison must be refurbished so that it is fit for purpose, and extended to meet current and future demand.

Recommendation 15:

Improve gatehouse security at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 16:

Reinforce relational security practices with an emphasis on building positive relationships between staff and prisoners.

Recommendation 17:

Improve communication and intelligence sharing between the security team and other staff at Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 18:

Program delivery must be better resourced at Roebourne Regional Prison. The prison should:

(a) take responsibility for cognitive skills program facilitation

(b) contract or engage external program facilitation

(c) secure Aboriginal program facilitation

Recommendation 19:

In line with Department of Corrective Services Policy all VSOs at Roebourne Regional Prison must receive ETP within six months of commencing employment.

Page last updated: December 1, 2016
106: Report of an Announced Inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison