Recommendation 1

Greenough management and staff should work together to improve relationships. The Department should closely monitor this and provide expert intervention if relations do not improve by the end of 2016.


Recommendation 2

Starting immediately, the Department and Greenough should fund and fill all vacant positions at the prison, prioritising those in health, vocational support and treatment assessment.


Recommendation 3

With appropriate supervision and risk management, Greenough should allow regular and meaningful interaction between male and female prisoners.


Recommendation 4

The Department and Greenough should review and improve the prison’s infrastructure, prioritising the education, health and visits centres, and on-going maintenance across the site.


Recommendation 5

Greenough should monitor and increase the amount of respectful and rehabilitation focused interaction between staff and prisoners.


Recommendation 6

The Department should ensure that prisons only apply policies differently when justified by assessments of local risk.


Recommendation 7

The Department should ensure that treatment assessments are done on time and provide prisoners with programs to meet their treatment needs.

Page last updated: January 12, 2017
107: Inspection of Greenough Regional Prison