1. Revise the Wandoo KPIs to be more outcome based and to include indicators that measure the facility’s progress towards reducing reoffending.
  2. The contract monitors should incorporate the results of Wandoo’s internal audits into their reviews, and ensure these reviews are focused on outcomes as well as managing risk.
  3. The Department and/or Serco should introduce additional support and counselling services for Aboriginal men.
  4. In line with the other minimum-security facilities in the state, the Department should relax the evening restrictions at Wandoo to allow the residents to participate in social and developmental activities in the evenings.
  5. Introduce smaller and more discreet GPS monitoring devices that residents can comfortably conceal when out in the public.
  6. Run the Medium Intensity Program at Wandoo.
  7. The Department should (a) work with Serco to assess the impact of Wandoo’s rehabilitation on reoffending rates, and (b) use these recidivism figures to provide a cost/benefit analysis for Wandoo.
  8. Wandoo management should continue to focus on rebuilding the relationship between management and staff.
Page last updated: April 6, 2017
109: Inspection of Wandoo Reintegration Facility