1. Determine Casuarina’s future roles and resource it to fulfil those functions.
  2. Improve the timeliness of health screening of new prisoners and eliminate the backlog.
  3. Upgrade the health centre taking account of the determined future role of the prison.
  4. Increase the staffing at the health centre to meet current and future need.
  5. Evaluate current and future demand for specialist infirmary services across the prison system and invest as necessary in the Casuarina infirmary.
  6. Review arrangements for end of life care in the prison system.
  7. Improve prisoner access to counselling services for trauma and distress.
  8. Install more telephones in the units.
  9. Improve the operation of the canteen.
  10. Ensure equitable levels of constructive employment and gratuities for Aboriginal prisoners.
  11. Develop a new kitchen, preferably as part of a hospitality industries training hub.
  12. Improve food handling training, record keeping and monitoring.
  13. Increase the capacity of the Education Centre, the number of traineeships, and the use of existing facilities.
  14. Increase the amount of meaningful employment and training for prisoners.
  15. Ensure that initial IMP assessments are completed within 28 days.
  16. Review the assessment process, delivery and effectiveness of therapeutic programs to prisoners.
  17. Increase transitional management resources.
  18. Increase the range, scope and availability of voluntary programs.
Page last updated: August 17, 2017

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