The report of an Announced Inspection of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison contained the following recommendations:

  1. Install privacy screens where required to prevent prisoners seeing out and members of the public seeing in.
  2. Follow gatehouse searching procedures.
  3. The Department should monitor developments in non-invasive solutions for detection of contraband in prisons, and introduce them when appropriate for use with visitors, contractors and staff.
  4. Ensure that prisoner disciplinary proceedings at Eastern Goldfields are conducted in a timely manner.
  5. The Department action previous commitments to change the assessment tool.
  6. Eastern Goldfields staff should receive specific Goldfields and desert Aboriginal cultural awareness training.
  7. Increase the proportion of Aboriginal staff at Eastern Goldfields prison.
  8. AVS needs to regularly visit Eastern Goldfields in person.
  9. Ensure that women-centred practice informs the operation of Unit 4 by improving services to female prisoners.
  10. Implement effective orientation processes.
  11. Provide female prisoners with climate appropriate clothing, like that issued to women in Bandyup and Boronia.
  12. Review processes at Eastern Goldfields to ensure the timely and appropriate distribution of medications.
  13. Improve mental health services at Eastern Goldfields by:(a) filling vacancies in PCS,

    (b) engaging with WA Country Health Services to allow inpatient treatment of prisoners at Kalgoorlie Hospital, and

    (c) allocating mental health and comorbidity nurse positions.

  14. Offer a range of culturally appropriate programs to meet the specific needs of male and female prisoners at Eastern Goldfields.
  15. The Eastern Goldfields laundry must comply with Australian Standards for Laundry Practice 4146:2000 regarding wash water temperature.
  16. Establish a permanent Employment Coordinator position at Eastern Goldfields.
  17. The Department should finalise negotiations with Ngaanyatjarra community members and use the Warburton Work Camp for justice-related purposes.


Page last updated: October 4, 2017
111: Inspection of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison