1. Modify or replace secure vehicle at WKRP so that prisoner passengers can sit in a standard position and have external views while seated, without compromising privacy.
  2. Revise medical escort security procedures to reduce use of restraints to reflect its systems of security classifications and approvals for external activities.
  3. That WKRP continue with its successful self-care model and dedicate lifeskills officers to develop prisoner living skills.
  4. Provide each prisoner with new underwear on reception, and make new underwear available for purchase.
  5. Increase the level of resources for case management and treatment assessments at WKRP.
  6. Re-establish an Integrated Offender Management model at WKRP and restore the prison-based community corrections position.
  7. Develop and deliver culturally appropriate offender treatment programs for men and women at WKRP.
  8. Recruit VSOs with industry-relevant qualifications, to fully restore and extend industrial work and training opportunities for prisoner rehabilitation.
  9. The Department must provide Essential Level Training Program to all VSOs within six months of commencing employment.
  10. Ensure sustainable levels of prisoner engagement in community work, and placements at work camps.
  11. Establish a Transitional Manager position at WKRP.
  12. Ensure that female prisoners have education and employment opportunities equal to those of males, including community work.
  13. Subject to risk assessments and supervision, provide better opportunities for male and female prisoners at WKRP to mix. This must include opportunities for friends and families to grieve together.
  14. Re-examine prison priorities and procedures to better meet the cultural needs of Kimberley Aboriginal prisoners, and develop a stronger and sustained program of activities to facilitate cultural expression.
  15. Fund WKRP to undertake funeral and other compassionate leave escorts.
  16. Ensure that all staff have locally-focused training in social and cultural awareness of Kimberley Aboriginal peoples.
  17. Improve local recruitment strategies and recruit training to encourage Kimberley locals to work as officers at WKRP.
  18. Re-instate the ASOS position at WKRP.
  19. Develop a regional plan for the Kimberley region, consulting with corrections staff and relevant community stakeholders, particularly in the East Kimberley.
Page last updated: December 13, 2017

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