Recommendation 1   

The Government should ensure funding for necessary infrastructure upgrades at Bandyup. Priorities include Unit 1, the Health Centre, Visits, and Reception

Recommendation 2   

Stabilise Bandyup’s management team and progress the change management review

Recommendation 3   

Improve performance appraisal processes and staff training on their use

Recommendation 4   

Ensure that all VSO positions are filled and that VSOs are adequately trained

Recommendation 5   

The textiles workshop should produce a small range of maternity wear for expectant mothers

Recommendation 6   

Introduce regular family day visits for extended family members as well as children

Recommendation 7   

Ensure prisoners have access to cheaper calls to mobile phones

Recommendation 8   

Expand accommodation for mothers and their babies at Bandyup and/or Boronia

Recommendation 9   

Implement an improved orientation process as laid out in the Bandyup Review Final Draft

Recommendation 10 

Revise case management practice at Bandyup using Greenough Regional Prison’s IOMC as a basis

Recommendation 11 

Increase therapeutic program delivery for female prisoners

Recommendation 12 

Apply security procedures consistently and thoroughly

Recommendation 13 

Embed the scheduled day model into TOMS and offer it at all prisons holding women

Recommendation 14 

Introduce section 95 for minimum-security women at Bandyup

Recommendation 15 

Ensure health care staff are retained and adequately resourced to develop a holistic women-centric model of care at Bandyup

Page last updated: March 12, 2018
114: Inspection of Bandyup Women’s Prison