Recommendation 1

The Department must invest in and deliver more therapeutic programs.

Recommendation 2

The Department should increase Wooroloo’s transitional management capacity.

Recommendation 3

In the absence of the Good Beginnings program, Wooroloo must ensure that prisoners can keep in contact with their children.

Recommendation 4

Wooroloo must put strategies in place that increase the number of Aboriginal prisoners at desirable workplaces, and at high gratuity levels.

Recommendation 5

Revitalise recreation services at Wooroloo, and ensure that recreation officer positions are filled on a daily basis.

Recommendation 6

Prisoners must have better access to a professional counselling service.

Recommendation 7

The Department must ensure continuity of the full range of primary health care services for eligible prisoners at Wooroloo.

Recommendation 8

To improve relational security, Wooroloo management should require custodial officers to engage positively with prisoners more frequently.

Recommendation 9

Wooroloo should be funded for more MPCs, or be supported to devise alternative behaviour management strategies.

Recommendation 10

The Department should support Wooroloo farm to operate a replacement schedule for agricultural machinery and equipment.

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Page last updated: November 19, 2018
119: Inspection of Wooroloo Prison Farm