Recommendation 1

Provide appropriate resourcing in the property store.

Recommendation 2

The Department must urgently address the backlog of initial IMP’s state wide.

Recommendation 3

Serco fully commit to the lifers’ strategy and cease the cross-deployment of the LLOs.

Recommendation 4

Put in place appropriate and adequate supports for the Indigenous Services Coordinator position.

Recommendation 5

Ensure a regular, in-person Aboriginal Visitor Service at Acacia.

Recommendation 6

Serco actively seek and employ an Aboriginal education worker.

Recommendation 7

The Department must ensure that all through-care services are provided to prisoners released from Acacia.  

Recommendation 8

Ensure that prisoner transport arrangements are sufficient to meet demand for medical escorts.

Recommendation 9

Review the staffing levels and workloads of unit staff, to ensure that they have enough time to focus on building strong relationships with prisoners.

Recommendation 10

Review and develop strategies to maintain staffing levels to ensure continuity and quality of service levels to prisoners for the remainder of the contract.

Page last updated: November 6, 2019
123: Inspection of Acacia Prison