1: Establish the position of Assistant Superintendent Offender Services.

2: Improve drug detection capabilities at Roebourne Regional Prison.

3: Address identified infrastructure deficiencies in reception.

4: Further improve the induction, orientation and welfare support for new prisoners.

5: Refurbish the maximum-security yard and day room, and the cells in the women’s and maximum-security yards.

6: Provide decent and hygienic conditions for eating meals in units.

7: Implement effective climate control in all residential cells.

8: Expand visits and communication services at Roebourne, including Skype for social and official visits.

9:  Prisoner employment at Roebourne should be maintained and expanded, and configured to provide equitable opportunities for Aboriginal prisoners and women.

10:  Ensure consistent and adequate delivery of adult basic education, further education and training to men and women at Roebourne Regional Prison.

11:  Re-establish a mental health/addictions nursing position at Roebourne Regional Prison.

12: Enhance the cultural effectiveness of Roebourne Regional prison by attracting local Aboriginal staff, developing the cultural competence of all staff, and further engaging local Aboriginal elders and service providers.

Page last updated: May 6, 2020
128: Inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison