Our report made 12 recommendations as follows:

Recommendation 1
Develop a strategic plan for Casuarina Prison.

Recommendation 2
Take steps to ensure that transfer and appointment processes for prison officers at Casuarina Prison are merit-based.

Recommendation 3
Respond to concerns about inappropriate staff behaviour by setting clear behaviour expectations and providing relevant training.

Recommendation 4
Eliminate cockroach infestation in the units.

Recommendation 5
Review staffing and relief arrangements for the master control room.

Recommendation 6
Improve waiting list management processes to address the backlog of medical appointment requests.

Recommendation 7
Develop and implement an Aboriginal health care strategy.

Recommendation 8
Increase Prison Counselling Service resources and improve clinical supervision arrangements.

Recommendation 9
Implement processes for prisoners to maintain personal sets of clothing such as underwear and socks.

Recommendation 10
Increase prisoner access to structured sport and recreation.

Recommendation 11
Increase employment levels for Aboriginal prisoners.

Recommendation 12
Ensure that Casuarina provides a full regime of meaningful activities for prisoners as it continues to expand.

Page last updated: May 11, 2020

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