The report of an Announced Inspection of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison contained the following recommendations:

1. Make better use of existing infrastructure by reopening Unit 3 and by finding a viable purpose for Unit 5.

2. Undertake a review of recruitment and retention strategies at EGRP and implement identified improvement opportunities.

3. Take steps to identify and address the root causes of dysfunction among groups of staff at EGRP.

4. Develop a strategy to recruit and retain more Aboriginal staff at EGRP.

5. Develop a Crisis Care facility that is appropriate for vulnerable prisoners in need of high-level support.

6. Provide consistency and leadership for reception staff.

7. Expedite the arrangements for a local dental provider to attend EGRP.

8. The Department should review whether the contract with BRS is adequate to meet the needs for EGRP and implement changes where necessary.

9. EGRP must be supported to provide adequate specialist mental health services for prisoners on site.

10. The Department should develop and implement a transparent process for the transfer of prisoners with acute health or mental health needs that cannot be managed locally.

11. EGRP to explore all possible solutions to provide confidentiality in the Skype, video link and court suites and implement the most effective solution.

12. The Department should identify solutions to ensure that the prisoner phone system was operating effectively at EGRP and in all prisons.

13. If offender notes are to be used for any administrative decision making then they should be subject to natural justice, including the right of reply.

14. Ensure that treatment assessments are undertaken in person rather than over the phone.

15. The Department should engage stakeholders with a view to identifying solutions that address the immediate welfare and transport home needs of prisoners released through the courts or prison.

16. Management must set clear expectations for all staff to ensure they work within the Operational Philosophy. The Unit 4 plan should be updated as a first priority and all other relevant procedures, plans and policies should be reviewed to remove any inconsistency.

17. All officers at EGRP should complete Working with Women training.

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Page last updated: April 8, 2021
132: Inspection of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison