Our report made 15 recommendations as follows:

Recommendation 1

Develop a vision that provides a sense of purpose and direction for Melaleuca and implement a plan that outlines how to achieve this vision.

Recommendation 2

Development and implement appropriate staffing models for each area of the prison.

Recommendation 3

Significantly invest in infrastructure so that Melaleuca can operate as a fully functional prison.

Recommendation 4

Reinstate a robust system to address the immediate needs of women who have been remanded into custody at Melaleuca.

Recommendation 5

Provide adequate and appropriate training for the peer support team.

Recommendation 6

Construct a specifically designed laundry workshop to service the prison.

Recommendation 7

Implement an efficient and effective health booking system, including a process for providing women with an appointment day and time.

Recommendation 8

Ensure that the Health Centre has stable leadership to provide consistency in work practices, clear direction and ongoing supervision.

Recommendation 9

Review health services and implement measures to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the health centre.

Recommendation 10

Establish a full dental service at Melaleuca that meets the needs of the Melaleuca women.

Recommendation 11

Provide health staff with culturally appropriate training to better understand and meet the health needs of Aboriginal women.

Recommendation 12

The Department should undertake a review of crisis care facilities across the state and develop an action plan to ensure they are suitable to provide both safely from self-harm and a therapeutic environment for patients.

Recommendation 13

Ensure that antenatal care in custody at Melaleuca be at least equivalent to the standard of care in the community.

Recommendation 14

Upgrade the perimeter fence between Hakea and Melaleuca and ensure that all weaknesses along the fence line are rectified.

Recommendation 15

Develop formal system-wide arrangements, including escalation options, for the transfer of prisoners whose needs cannot be met at an individual prison.

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Page last updated: September 2, 2021
136: Inspection of Melaleuca Women’s Prison