Recommendation 1

That the Department continue to prioritise replacement of legacy infrastructure at Albany Regional Prison, including: prisoner reception and that contained in the original prison building known as Unit 1.

Recommendation 2

Evaluate the feasibility of increased use of mobile technology in prison units both to help staff better meet their work obligations and to improve access to information and services for prisoners.

Recommendation 3

Establish an Industries Coordinator position.

Recommendation 4

The Department should develop guidelines for the use of interpretation and translation services for all prisons that meet the standards set by WA Language Services Policy 2020.

Recommendation 5

Until such time as Unit 1 is fully decommissioned for prisoner accommodation, any future use should be on the basis of single cell occupation.

Recommendation 6

Commit to regular organised sporting competitions.

Recommendation 7

Reduce existing restrictions on art and music equipment and materials available to prisoners in their units.

Recommendation 8 

Replace the medical centre with a facility meeting modern standards in health delivery, patient privacy and security, with adequate room for any growth in services, and including provision for allied health care, medical observation and an infirmary.

Recommendation 9

Develop a Crisis Care facility that is appropriate for vulnerable prisoners in need of high-level support.

Recommendation 10 

Albany prison should obtain a secure escort vehicle fitted with a toilet and the ability to apply secure restraints through a hatch for longer journeys.

Recommendation 11

Amend COPP 2.3 to ensure that Albany Regional Prison completes a Remand MAP for all remandees received locally.

Recommendation 12

Amend procedures relating to Early Discharge to conform with the intent of the WA Parliament that Early Discharge acts as an incentive for good behaviour, a means of release for compassionate reasons, and as a meaningful contribution to reducing the high rate of imprisonment.

Recommendation 13

The Department should commit to development of a holistic case management system that supports prisoners to progress towards their rehabilitation and reintegration on release.

Recommendation 14

Provide opportunities to improve prisoners access to, and use of, digital literacy technology, including in-cell resources.

Recommendation 15

Albany should develop specific pathways to better engage Aboriginal prisoners in employment and training that will enhance their prospects on release. These initiatives should be tracked and monitored by the prison’s Aboriginal Services Committee.

DOJ Response – Albany Regional Prison


Page last updated: January 20, 2022
138: Inspection of Albany Regional Prison