Recommendation 1

Ensure senior management positions are substantively filled.

Recommendation 2

The Department should explore options to improve the security and detection systems for the external fence at Boronia.

Recommendation 3

Create an additional position to be assigned to reception.

Recommendation 4

Ensure cell sharing risk assessments are done for each resident required to share a cell.

Recommendation 5

Introduce programs addressing grief, abuse, and trauma.

Recommendation 6

The Department should contract services to fix the maintenance issues at Boronia.

Recommendation 7

Increase resources and supports for health services at Boronia to engage more health promotion activities.

Recommendation 8

Establish a part-time Aboriginal health worker position.

Recommendation 9

Create and fill a Life Skills Officer (VSO) position to provide structured support and education in basic life skills including nutrition, food preparation and budgeting.

Recommendation 10

Implement programs to engage Aboriginal women and which reflect the diversity of the Aboriginal women residing at Boronia.

Recommendation 11

In future ensure key positions like the MFCS are appropriately backfilled over periods of planned leave.

Recommendation 12

Source and fund a suite of family/parenting programs suitable for the needs of Boronia’s residents.

Recommendation 13

Pilot a system of controlled online access for people in custody at Boronia.

Recommendation 14

The Department of Justice establish partnerships with relevant agencies to increase the range of accommodation options for people leaving prison.

DOJ Response – Boronia Pre-release Centre for Women

Page last updated: February 2, 2022

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