Recommendation 1

Proactively offer meaningful mental health support to staff and prisoners who were present at Greenough during the riot.

Recommendation 2

Ensure foreign national prisoners can access the resources and supports required to engage in a fair appeals process.

Recommendation 3

Develop a meaningful hierarchical management model that offers a range of quality and accessible incentives.

Recommendation 4

Avoid redeploying recreation officers and invest in fit for purpose gym equipment, which includes a portable equipment trolley to move between units.

Recommendation 5

Explore safe options to allow more prisoners on the oval as spectators.

Recommendation 6

Increase the number of phones in each unit.

Recommendation 7

Facilitate sorry time at the cultural place and ensure welfare calls are always offered when there has been a loss.

Recommendation 8

Implement a ‘cook fresh’ system so that meals are served on the same day as they are prepared.

Recommendation 9

Review the role and functions of Unit 1 at Greenough to ensure staff can meet all the requirements of the different prisoner cohorts sent there.

Recommendation 10

Upgrade Unit 6 to include fit for purpose gym equipment, self-care facilities and adequate visit amenities.

Recommendation 11

Identify and implement an effective recruitment and retention strategy for health clinicians to staff regional prisons like Greenough.

Recommendation 12

Develop and resource a culturally safe and targeted model of health care for Aboriginal prisoners.

Recommendation 13

Ensure the PSO and AVS in all regional facilities are stand alone services and that gaps in services are resourced as a priority.

Recommendation 14

Upgrade gatehouse security systems and layout to provide improved flow, better use of human resources and strengthen overall security.

Recommendation 15

Improve processes to identify and connect all eligible prisoners with work and training opportunities prior to release.

Recommendation 16

Provide an appropriate range of voluntary addiction, personal development, healthy relationships, health and life skills programs at Greenough.

DOJ Response – Greenough Regional Prison

Page last updated: June 9, 2022
142: Inspection of Greenough Regional Prison