Recommendation 1 

The Department should develop a more effective system to support prisoner access to basic legal knowledge and information.

Recommendation 2

Roebourne should trial the use of Aboriginal interpreters for key interactions with prisoners from a particular language.

Recommendation 3

Restore in-situ lunch breaks to maximise participation for those prisoners engaged in constructive activities.

Recommendation 4

Significantly extend and promote access to e-visits at Roebourne.

Recommendation 5

Roebourne and the chaplaincy service should ensure restoration of regular religious services and effective processes for pastoral visiting.

Recommendation 6

All residential and special cells at Roebourne should have effective climate control.

Recommendation 7

The health centre be refurbished and extended to make it fit for purpose; this should accommodate general health, telehealth, mental health, allied health, dental health, disability access, health education, officer station, internal waiting room, crisis care and medical observation.

Recommendation 8

Ensure regular access to a provision of and access to regular dental services for prisoners at Roebourne including for basic preventative and restorative care.

Recommendation 9 

As a matter of urgency, the Department should recruit and appoint a PSO and AVS staff for Roebourne Regional Prison.

Recommendation 10

Quarantine at least one report writer position to fully engage in assessments.

Recommendation 11 

  1. Identify or develop more culturally responsive addictions, family violence and general offending programs for delivery in the Pilbara.
  2. Develop a delivery methodology to address the program needs of Pilbara women without requiring time out of country.
  3. Provide Cognitive Brief Intervention or a similar intervention for male and female remandees and short-term sentenced prisoners at Roebourne on a regular basis.

Recommendation 12

Recruit and appoint to all the positions in the education and training team at Roebourne so that prisoners can reliably access core programs and other suitable courses.

Recommendation 13

Plan for a more suitable facility for incarcerated women in the Pilbara.

Recommendation 14

Review staffing to provide for more consistent, effective and comprehensive provision of services to and custodial management of women at Roebourne Regional Prison.

DOJ Response – Roebourne Regional Prison


Page last updated: December 14, 2022
145: Inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison