Recommendation 1

Review staffing levels and implement recommended changes to ensure there are adequate staff numbers for the safe operation of the prison.

Recommendation 2

Review physical storage capacity and practice and implement recommended changes to safely and securely store prisoner property while eliminating work health and safety risks for staff.

Recommendation 3

The Department should exempt Serco from their contractual requirement to complete fortnightly reviews of protection alerts.

Recommendation 4

Acacia should ensure that there are Peer Support Workers in every block throughout the prison.

Recommendation 5 

Acacia should:

  • Review the existing policy to manage perpetrators and victim of bullying and standover to ensure that it meets the requirements contained in COPP 10.6 Anti Bullying; and
  • Implement the revised policy and regularly review its effectiveness to ensure the policy requirements are being met.

Recommendation 6

Recommence the internal visits creche service for visiting children.

Recommendation 7

Staff should conduct regular health and hygiene inspections of cells and record and action any health and hygiene issues including replacement, repair or cleaning of mattresses and pillows.

Recommendation 8

The prison should review the appropriateness of the role of the Peer Support Workers within the Prisoner Risk Assessment Group process and implement recommended changes.

Recommendation 9

Acacia should ensure there are sufficient Prison Support Officers to adequately supervise Peer Support Workers and there is equitable representation of Peer Support Workers in each block and unit.

Recommendation 10

Ensure there is consistency in the management of prisoners and in operational practices of both shifts.

Recommendation 11

Implement an effective screening process that leads to a proactive offer of assistance to all eligible prisoners.

Recommendation 12

Serco actively seek and employ an Aboriginal education worker.

DOJ Response – Acacia Prison

Serco Response – Acacia Prison

Page last updated: January 3, 2023
146: Inspection of Acacia Prison