Recommendation 1

All staff should complete training in therapeutic communities.

Recommendation 2

Women complete the CCC before transferring to Wandoo.

Recommendation 3

Evaluate the alcohol and other drugs program at Wandoo.

Recommendation 4

Improve communications and relations across management and with staff.

Recommendation 5

Increase Aboriginal staffing at Wandoo

Recommendation 6

offer culturally specific training, including around intergenerational trauma to all staff.

Recommendation 7

Establish a regular forum for Aboriginal residents.

Recommendation 8

Appoint a dedicated Aboriginal visitor and Prison Support Officer to Wandoo.

Recommendation 9

Ensure that the canteen provides the quality of stock, and access to town spends as listed in the Privileges Matrix.

DOJ Response – Wandoo Rehabilitation Prison

Page last updated: June 12, 2023
147: Inspection of Wandoo Rehabilitation Prison