Recommendation 1

Commit to the design and construction of a second youth custodial facility that meets the complex needs of different cohorts of young people.

Recommendation 2

Empower staff to use all of the behaviour management tools that are available to them
under relevant policy and legislation.

Recommendation 3

Re-implement detention centre charges and set tight timeframes for their hearing.

Recommendation 4

Review the ‘safe exit’ technique and safe alternatives to this practice.

Recommendation 5

Urgently address staff support and retention issues.

Recommendation 6

Reimagine and establish a youth care role – separate from youth custodial officers – to support and guide young people in every aspect of their day in custody.

Recommendation 7

Develop and implement a mixed-shift system to maximise consistency and continuity of care for young people.

Recommendation 8

Advertise and urgently recruit the additional Aboriginal Youth Support Officer (AYSO) positions and the Aboriginal Services Manager.

Recommendation 9

Examine alternative options for the location of the Crisis Care Unit.

Recommendation 10

Implement a structured vocational training program that offers accredited training and work skills to prepare young people for employment on release.

DOJ Response – Banksia Hill Detention Centre and Unit 18 at Casuarina Prison (Part One)

Page last updated: June 2, 2023
148: Inspection of Banksia Hill Detention Centre and Unit 18 at Casuarina Prison (Part One)