Recommendation 1

Explore solutions to the causes of current under-staffing at Broome and plan for the staff needs of the new prison.

Recommendation 2

Implement a thorough orientation process for new prisoners.

Recommendation 3

Ensure adequate presence of Prison Support Services at Broome.

Recommendation 4

Implement all Coroner’s Court suicide-related recommendations in full.

Recommendation 5

Ensure staff compliance with Broome Standing Order 10.6.

Recommendation 6

Establish a Kimberley Aboriginal Elder working group to drive cultural in-reach at Broome.

Recommendation 7 

All staff should comply with local policy regulating access to the medical centre.

Recommendation 8 

Resource Broome adequately to better manage prisoners with mental health needs.

Recommendation 9

Resource Broome adequately to offer effective alcohol and other drug treatments.

Recommendation 10

The Department should give prisoners the opportunity to address their offending behaviour while in custody at Broome.

Recommendation 11

 Provide basic adult education services at Broome.

Recommendation 12

Reinvigorate the section 95 program and build strong connections with the wider community.

DOJ Response – Broome Regional Prison

Page last updated: August 7, 2023
149: Inspection of Broome Regional Prison