Image of pathway leading to Units 4 & 5 at Casuarina Prison


Casuarina opened in 1991, replacing the colonial era Fremantle Prison as the state’s main maximum-security facility for male prisoners. The prison runs several specialist units to which prisoners from around the state can be sent as necessary: Special Handling Unit – for prisoners who present a heightened security risk, threat to staff or other prisoners, …

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Image of the Library at Casuarina Prison

Key findings

A complex prisoner group and a COVID-19 outbreak presented challenges Casuarina continued to house many of the state’s most difficult-to-manage prisoners. It was increasingly challenging to manage risks and identify safe placements for all prisoners. The proportion of Aboriginal men in the prison had grown to 43%, and 53% of the total population were on …

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Image of the gym block at Casuarina Prison


During our 2022 inspection, expansion works were ongoing at Casuarina and the prison was increasing in size and complexity. When building is complete, Casuarina will have a capacity of around 1,800 making it the biggest prison in Australia. This comes with significant risks and challenges. Casuarina was already managing increasingly complex conflicts and risks between …

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Image of corridor with doors to the video link pods at Casuarina Prison


Recommendation 1 Develop a clear vision and strategic direction for Casuarina within the wider prison system. Recommendation 2 Identify and address the reasons for high levels of personal leave and workers’ compensation leave at Casuarina. Recommendation 3 Implement a more comprehensive orientation process. Recommendation 4 Improve legal resources and increase access for prisoners, particularly those …

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