Recommendation 1

Develop a clear vision and strategic direction for Casuarina within the wider prison system.

Recommendation 2

Identify and address the reasons for high levels of personal leave and workers’ compensation leave at Casuarina.

Recommendation 3

Implement a more comprehensive orientation process.

Recommendation 4

Improve legal resources and increase access for prisoners, particularly those held on remand.

Recommendation 5

Provide appropriate resources for timely local use of force reviews.

Recommendation 6

Ensure regular rotation of staff in the master control room.

Recommendation 7

Increase prisoner access to structured recreation.

Recommendation 8 

Provide additional resources to support the operation of Kaartdijin Mia.

Recommendation 9

Implement a more effective and efficient medical appointment system.

Recommendation 10 

Increase Psychological Health Services resources at Casuarina to accommodate the continuing expansion of the prison.

Recommendation 11

Establish an on-site disability coordination role.

Recommendation 12

Provide ongoing training for peer support prisoners.

Recommendation 13

Fill the vacant AVS positions.

Recommendation 14

Provide trauma-informed training for new staff working in the Mallee Rehabilitation Centre.

Recommendation 15

Increase prisoner access to education with additional resources and infrastructure.

DOJ Response – Casuarina Prison

Page last updated: October 23, 2023
150: Inspection of Casuarina Prison