Recommendation 1

Finalise a Kimberley Custodial Plan that builds on the Kimberley Aboriginal Reference Group philosophy and specifies distinct roles for West Kimberley and Broome Regional Prisons.

Recommendation 2

Establish maintenance and replacement schedules for systems, equipment, and infrastructure at West Kimberley.

Recommendation 3

Deliver better regional incentives and parity for local staff.

Recommendation 4

Ensure health centre staffing resources are maintained.

Recommendation 5

Increase access to Wyndham Work Camp by trialling a modified system of security classifications for Kimberley prisoners.

Recommendation 6

Ensure a voluntary Alcohol and Other Drug program is available at West Kimberley Regional Prison.

Recommendation 7

Develop and publish a plan to provide dental services in Derby.

Recommendation 8

Improve protections and supports for prisoners with disabilities through better collaboration between the Departments of Justice, Health and Disability Services.

Recommendation 9

Staff Unit 5 at West Kimberley Regional Prison whenever a prisoner is in cell.

Recommendation 10

Implement a less invasive drug testing procedure.

Recommendation 11

Ensure that fire mitigation planning is effective and specifically addresses identified risks.

Recommendation 12

Increase resources to support the self-care model.

Recommendation 13

Increase prisoner employment by minimising Vocational Support Officer redeployment.

Recommendation 14

Provide an appropriate intensive addictions Individual Management Plan program for delivery in regional prisons.

DOJ Response – Inspection of West Kimberley Regional Prison


Page last updated: June 24, 2024
154: Inspection of West Kimberley Regional Prison