Photo of construction at DECCA


Roebourne Regional Prison has always been a source of concern to the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services. This is demonstrated by the fact that whilst the Office usually reports on prisons once every three years (the minimum legislative requirement), it has been considered necessary to inspect Roebourne, on average, once every two years …

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Photo of 'Dinning room' room at Roebourne Regional Prison


This inspection found that there has been positive progress in some areas, most notably with respect to custodial staff numbers and external training opportunities for prisoners. In this sense the prison is better placed than before. However, it still suffers from its ailing and outdated infrastructure, a lack of investment, and a lack of clear …

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Photos of mouse droppings outside cells

Key Findings

Areas of improvement included: Staffing levels generally were much improved over those encountered in 2006. DECCA had progressed greatly since 2008. The Department had invested in cleaning up asbestos at the site and had provided limited recurrent resources. A number of partners, including major mining companies, had also made significant contributions. As a result, the …

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Photo of typical bunk bed at Roebourne


Recommendation 1 Develop a Pilbara Custodial Plan in consultation with relevant community organisations and stakeholders. As part of this plan, give consideration to establishing a new facility in the Port Hedland region and constructing a replacement prison at Roebourne. Recommendation 2 Keep under active review the option of constructing, in the short term, a minimum-security …

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