Recommendation 1

Develop a Pilbara Custodial Plan in consultation with relevant community organisations and stakeholders. As part of this plan, give consideration to establishing a new facility in the Port Hedland region and constructing a replacement prison at Roebourne.

Recommendation 2

Keep under active review the option of constructing, in the short term, a minimum-security area outside the current perimeter fence.

Recommendation 3

Implement a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.

Recommendation 4

(a) At Roebourne Regional Prison and across the system as a whole, replace or modify beds that do not comply with appropriate safety standards.
(b) Provide custodial officers across the state with training in removing people from top bunks in the event of medical or other emergencies.

Recommendation 5

(a) Install suitable climatic controls to reduce air temperatures and to increase cool air circulation in prisoners’ cells at Roebourne Regional Prison.
(b) Explore and implement other management measures to reduce the impact of the harsh climate.

Recommendation 6

Expand industries and vocational skills and training programs on site; and relocate the store to facilitate this expansion.

Recommendation 7

Develop and implement strategies at both departmental and prison levels to stabilise and harmonise the leadership team at Roebourne; develop good processes for communication and cooperation; and build up peoples’ sense of commitment to their colleagues, their managers and their work.

Recommendation 8

Provide more extensive training at Roebourne with respect to –
(i) cultural awareness (using local Aboriginal providers if possible) and
(ii) customer service techniques.

Recommendation 9

Ensure that the Aboriginal Visitor Scheme has a consistent and effective presence at Roebourne Regional Prison and also at all other prisons (including coverage for any lengthy absence).

Recommendation 10

Ensure that the Prison Support Officer position has a consistent and effective presence at Roebourne Regional Prison (including coverage for any lengthy absence).

Recommendation 11

(a) For the vast majority of prisoners, use the dining room for all meals.
(b) In the case of prisoners who are required to eat their meals in the units, provide suitable facilities including chairs, tables and washing facilities.

Recommendation 12

(a) Ensure that the WSO position has a consistent and effective presence at Roebourne Regional Prison (including coverage for any lengthy absence).
(b) Increase the WSO position to a full FTE.

Recommendation 13

Provide services for women in Roebourne Regional Prison that are commensurate with those provided in metropolitan facilities.

Recommendation 14

Ensure that the new contractual arrangements relating to prisoner transport that will come into force in 2011 result in a better service with respect to external medical/allied health/dental appointments.

Recommendation 15

Develop and implement an Aboriginal health care strategy at Roebourne Regional Prison Health Centre that recognises the cultural and differing gendered needs of the local prisoner population. This strategy should include details of and commitment to: actively recruiting Aboriginal health staff as vacancies occur; developing and implementing culturally appropriate clinical assessment tools; actively engaging Aboriginal health care organisations to provide in-reach services to the prison; and providing training in the delivery of culturally sensitive health care.

Recommendation 16

Fund and provide staffing and other resources to DECCA to increase the level of service provided to prisoners, the prison and the community.

Recommendation 17

Ensure that the approval processes and eligibility criteria for the PEP program make it accessible to as many prisoners as possible.

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Page last updated: April 23, 2014
70: Report of an Announced Inspection of Roebourne Regional Prison