Recommendation 1
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan and processes for region-specific and Aboriginal-centred throughcare.
Recommendation 2
Implement measurable strategies to increase the number of Aboriginal prisoners from this region who are eligible for minimum security status and associated programs and treatments.
Recommendation 3
Put better systems and resources  in place for release-planning and re-entry into the community for all prisoners from the Goldfields/Ngaanyatjarra region. In particular, where security allows, displaced prisoners should be given more time at EGRP before release.
Recommendation 4
Ensure all staff who work with female offenders attend the five-day Working with Female Offenders training course.
Recommendation 5
Provide programs to address the needs of all women who have been convicted of violent offending, including those at high risk of violent re-offending, both at Eastern Goldfields and at other prisons.
Recommendation 6
Implement an intensive recruitment drive for Aboriginal staff, with a strong focus on rehabilitative and reparatory employment.
Recommendation 7
Develop dynamic community engagement inside and outside the prison, including a workable solution to the ongoing lack of an active Aboriginal Visitors Scheme and Elders program.
Recommendation 8
Ensure that EGRP is maintained to an appropriate level, pending the new prison.
Recommendation 9
(a) Install suitable climatic controls to reduce air temperatures and to increase cool air circulation in Unit 2 and 3 prisoners’ cells at EGRP.
(b) Explore and implement other management measures to reduce the impact of the harsh climate.
Recommendation 10
Ensure that health services, including comprehensive support in respect of chronic disease management, blood borne viruses, and alcohol and substance use, are commensurate with those provided in the metropolitan area.
Recommendation 11
Ensure the health centre is fully staffed and that the staff complement reflects the prisoner profile (i.e. includes female and Aboriginal staff).
Recommendation 12
Develop and implement an Aboriginal healthcare strategy that recognises the cultural and gendered needs of the local prisoner population.
Recommendation 13
Implement ongoing monitoring mechanisms with respect to health services to ensure compliance with procedures and standards, to identify opportunities for improvement, and to ensure staff accountability for their clinical practice.
Recommendation 14
The Academy should facilitate delivery of First Aid Mental Health Training for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders for all staff working with Aboriginal prisoners.
Recommendation 15
Ensure adequate delivery of Academy courses to EGRP staff.
Recommendation 16
Provide equipment, extraction training, and a rapid response capacity for the use of razor wire, or provide alternative security measures.

Agency Responses to Recommendations

Page last updated: April 22, 2014

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