2011 Bandyup Inspection view across Unit 5 'The Village'


Bandyup Women’s Prison is the only female prison in Western Australia that caters for all security classifications. It acts as a receival, remand, assessment, and sentenced prisoner facility. As the only maximum security prison for women in the state, Bandyup accommodates prisoners from all the regions assessed as maximum security. The prison also accommodates a …

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2011 Bandyup Inspection view of the Prison Gatehouse


This report of an announced inspection of Bandyup contains many more recommendations (33) than other recent reports. There are two main reasons for this.  First, Bandyup is a very complex multi-purpose prison, catering for a particularly complex group of prisoners. Secondly, the 2005 and 2008 inspections noted a marked improvement at Bandyup since 2002. But …

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2011 Bandyup Inspection view of the Visits Centre

Key Findings

This 2011 inspection of Bandyup found that while there were some encouraging findings, progress had stalled in many key areas. Positive findings included: • the commissioning of the new ‘village’ which included an increase in capacity for women with resident children; • the increased availability of offender treatment programs; • the orientation unit and the involvement of peer …

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2011 Bandyup Inspection view of the Day Stay Facility


Recommendation 1 Cease the practice of compelling women to sleep on floors. Recommendation 2 As part of Bandyup’s review of its hierarchical system of prisoner management, develop and implement a strategy which results in Aboriginal women being proportionately represented in the more desirable accommodation areas of the women’s estate. Recommendation 3 Invest in contemporary accommodation …

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