New Education Centre


Broome Regional Prison has been a concern for the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services for several years. The 2007 inspection report highlighted chronic overcrowding and an acute shortage of staff which was impacting service delivery and the treatment of the prisoners. Prisoners experienced a lack of staff engagement and reported feeling unsafe as a …

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New Medical Centre


In the lead up to this inspection the Office had expected a positive change in operations at Broome. Liaison visits and Independent Visitor reports had been positive, there had been large expenditure on the site’s facilities, extra staffing had been put in place, and there had been reduced complaints from prisoners and staff. The inspection …

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Construction of Wyndham Work Camp

Key Findings

Areas that had improved included: Staffing levels had been increased and strategies to incentivise staff to Broome put in place. Significant investment in new and old infrastructure. Appointment of a new substantive Superintendent. Prisoner and staff complaints to the Office had declined. Improvements in dynamic security. Continued good work in the education centre. Good work being …

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Old style bunks without rails or ladders


Recommendation 1 Reconfigure the minimum security cells to ensure each cell is provided with adequate temperature control. Recommendation 2 Upgrade the gatehouse and lobby area to create a more functional entrance to the prison incorporating an upgrade of the key control system to an electronic key safe. Recommendation 3 Clarify the relationship and boundaries between …

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