Recommendation 1

Reconfigure the minimum security cells to ensure each cell is provided with adequate temperature control.

Recommendation 2

Upgrade the gatehouse and lobby area to create a more functional entrance to the prison incorporating an upgrade of the key control system to an electronic key safe.

Recommendation 3

Clarify the relationship and boundaries between PEP and section 95 of the Prisons Act 1981and ensure that Policy Directive 68 does not operate in a manner that restricts external activities by prisoners.

Recommendation 4

Develop a range of Kimberley specific offender programs in anticipation of the opening of the new Derby prison.

Recommendation 5

Ensure that there is additional staff coverage in reception Monday to Friday.

Recommendation 6

Re-introduce education services to the prisoners in the secure section.

Recommendation 7

All bunk beds be made compliant with the Department of Corrective Services’ standards, with all ladders, rails and roll protection for the top bunks secured to the beds in a manner that prevents their removal by prisoners.

Recommendation 8

The women prisoners at Broome Regional Prison be transferred to the new prison in Derby as early as possible after its opening.

Recommendation 9

The Women’s Support Officer’s position be made full-time and a roster be implemented to include attendance on weekends and evenings on a regular basis.

Recommendation 10

Improve recreation opportunities for the women prisoners at Broome.

Recommendation 11

Adequately staff Wyndham Work Camp to maximise prisoner numbers.

Recommendation 12

Clarify the criteria for prisoners to be placed in a work camp. Placement decisions should be based on individual risk assessments, not on general policies with respect to specific groups of prisoners.

Recommendation 13

Re-establish a library in an area which is easily accessible and of a suitable size.

Recommendation 14

Explore all avenues to decrease the cost of funeral escorts in order to maximise eligible prisoners’ attendance.

Recommendation 15

Use Skype to supply an additional service to those prisoners who are not able to attend a funeral.

Recommendation 16

Undertake remedial work to prevent mould growth in the health centre.

Recommendation 17

Provide training in mental health first aid and drug and alcohol issues to all custodial staff. Ensure that all health centre staff receive training in mental health.

Recommendation 18

Increase the number of General Practice sessions and spread more evenly throughout the month.

Recommendation 19

Review procedures to ensure that the health centre is open each day.

Recommendation 20

Negotiate with Broome Regional Mental Health Service for access to the new secure psychiatric beds.

Recommendation 21

Source and engage external agencies to provide in-reach drug and alcohol rehabilitation for prisoners.

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Page last updated: April 4, 2014
77: Report of Announced Inspection of Broome Regional Prison